Stunt Driving Day coming up in September

After the great success of the last “Stunt Driving Experience”, Wings and Slicks have announced the next stunts driving day.? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a car like the stuntmen in the movies? Well this stunt driving Experience will be right up your street! You will learn how the pros do it with this fun day that you will never forget. Included in your day are the following exciting maneuvres:

?Handbrake Turns
?Handbrake Parking
?Parallel Spin Parking
?180 Spins
?J Turn Demonstration
?High Speed Reversing

Your instructor will demonstrate each skill before it?s your turn to take the wheel. You are then split into groups and introduced to your track instructor (maximum group size 4 people). You will be taught how to execute a handbrake turn which you will then apply to put the car into a tight supermarket type parking space using the handbrake! Next you will try 180 degree spin parking. You may have seen seen this stunt on a few TV advertisements!

Not only is this Experience a lot of fun, it also teaches you how to handle a car in ways which may come in very useful when driving on public roads.

The stunts day will be held on Sunday 11th September? – 9:00am
at our track in? Barrie.

More information is on our Program Details page.

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