Stunt Driving for the Very First Time

Stunt Driving for the Very First Time

Back in April we had a snowfall just when we thought winter was finally over, and that was the day I went stunt driving for the first time. The air was brisk, the skies were gray, but that didn?t dampen the experience one bit.

First, I started out as a back seat ridealong. Whoa what a feeling! One minute the car is going crazy fast in one direction and the next minute we?ve spun around and are now heading in another direction, just like that.

Then I moved to the front seat, passenger side. In this position, I experienced the backwards 180, and the J-turn with the expert instructor Jay, driving. Ok, so the ridealong was a blast but this was even more crazy fun!

Next up, it was my turn to drive. So here I am in the drivers seat. Jay is beside me carefully and patiently walking me through the steps so I can execute a J-turn and a backwards 180. We practice with the car in park with me acting out the motions a few times. Then the car goes into reverse and off I go! My first backwards 180 was pretty good, then I muffed a few after that, but finished up with another good one. Incredible. Next came the J-turn. We did the same static practice of the steps and then off I went. This one, I nailed 3 times in a row. What a feeling!

Next?I hopped in the passenger seat once again with Hans Wolter, Chief Spin Doctor of Wings and Slicks, and we went through the slalom course with Hans demonstrating how to get through without knocking down the cones, and how to do it with skill and precision. When I got in the drivers seat, Hans took me through the course a few times each time asking me to tweak my handling of the steering wheel a little differently each time. By the end of my runs, I was going pretty fast and was more accurate then when I started. I now hold the steering wheel of my own car, the way I was taught today.

Below are some photos of an event I went to as the marketing and bookings person with Wings and Slicks. It was so great to watch others have the same thrill that I had when I went stunt driving for the first time.

This is Debbie with her instructor, Zac.