A Photo Essay – A Typical Wings and Slicks Stunt Driving Day

Get ready to have some fun!

The day starts out with a brief overview (with diagrams!) about the spins you will be learning and what to expect when you get in the car.


The cars have been prepped and are waiting for you to send them spinning.


If you have purchased a Go Pro, it is mounted either on the roof, inside or on the hood. We recommend placing it in all three areas at some point during your event so you capture the full experience, including the expressions on your face!


Here’s a shot of Zac one of our instructors, in the passenger seat, getting ready to teach the moves.


This is Jaime and Hans. Jaime is an instructor and hostess extraordinaire. Hans is the Chief Spin Doctor – owner of Wings and Slicks, instructor and all around great guy.


Ok, now its your turn to make some smoke!

Burnout 2