Full Tilt No Guilt // Stunt Challenge

We kicked off  the summer this year with our Full Tilt / No Guilt Stunt Drive Challenge. It has been designed for all you adrenaline junkies out there.

Ever wanted to let some steam off while driving? Now’s the chance to do it without breaking any laws – YEP – Full Tilt without any guilt [GRIN].

The cars are all prepped, our instructors are pumped and the weather has behaved. This could be the Summer of Stunt Drives.

This year we’re taking it up a notch with some new ideas and keepin’ it REAL [like always]. The stunt challenge has been a great success with our group events and this year promises some extra surprises so stay tuned folks.

We’ve just put together a video of one of our bachelor events held in June – a last taste at freedom before responsibility takes over [ARGHHHHH]. Check it out, as it gives a fast and furious overview of some of our stunts with BIG GRINS all around. It was a blast and we hope to see some more bachelors out this summer.  It’s a constant HOOT.

All three stunts from our 101 program will be featured again this year: The J Turn, Reverse 180 and the ever tricky Slalom course… as well as some new twists and turns for each month. You will find us at the Country Heritage Park.

We’re going to be keepin’ it real with our social media this summer as well so keep on the lookout for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to do with stunts – We love ’em.