Lessons Learned When Stunt Driving

We have had over 3500 people through our stunt drive classes. Many have written to us, thanking us for the stunt driving course and how it helped them deal with their own lives. Here are the top five lessons learned from our stunt drive programs.

1. Remain calm when things seem out of control

When stunt driving, you’ll often find yourself in a car that is out of control. This moment can be scary and full of panic. However, it can be good to put yourself in this situation as you realize the importance of remaining calm. Controlling your panic allows you to see the situation clearly and know what to do next. It allows you to try again and keep moving down the road to success. With time, you understand that the situation was not as bad as you had thought and even in the worst situations, controlling your panic is a valuable skill for everyday living.

Maintain calm2. Learn to be precise

Precision is a key element to a great car stunt. Drivers must learn to hit their mark consistently and accurately. Great stunters are constantly practicing their craft to ensure they are always exactly where they should be. It’s not enough to be close. Precision also reduces the risk of something going wrong. In the movie world, it can mean the difference between an action scene that makes the movie a hit or the point where people go and get popcorn.

3. Be aware of your daily habits.

People going through our stunt program soon discover their bad driving habits and how that can prevent them from being a good driver. Some people steer the car as if washing the windshield. They soon realize how this bad habit impacts their driving. Other bad habits such as not watching the road carefully soon surface when in a stunt driving program. Stunt driving reminds us that we often drift into lazy ways of driving when we need to be vigilant and competent when controlling a motor vehicle.

4. Focus on the path and not on the obstacles.

When stunt driving, you have a clearly defined path that you must follow. If you keep looking at the obstacles, that is where you will instinctively steer and you will end up hitting your obstacle. If you keep your focus on the path, then you will automatically steer the car along the path. Follow the path and don’t look at the obstacles. You will have success.

5. Adrenaline needs to be managed

Adrenaline is an important part of our physiology and helps us deal with difficult situations that involve split second decisions and timing and danger. However, letting adrenaline take over and making rash decisions is not helpful. In extreme situations, as in life, if you can manage your adrenaline correctly, you can use it to your advantage. The key is understanding when you have a surge of adrenaline, and then riding that wave with you in control. The adrenaline will help with precision, accurate driving and those split second decisions.

Although we are not a stunt driving school, our stunt driving courses are great for the ‘school of life.’ That’s why we also emphasize that, above all, make sure you have fun!