Six Reasons Why Wings and Slicks is the Perfect Choice for your Next Corporate Event:

1) It’s loads of fun.

2) You’ll learn cool stunt manoeuvres in someone else’s car.

3) Everyone will be blown away with what they’ll learn.

4) It’s an interesting and different event to do with prospective clients.

5) It’s a refreshing alternative to a picnic or a golf game.

6) Where else can you do 180s!

We know that a corporate meeting needs to be engaging and memorable. Why not try a stunt driving day to build teamwork (outside the comfort zone!), thank your employees for a job well done, or show appreciation to your clients.

Now, our events are not just for the car nut,  junior, senior, male or female, our program is suitable for everyone.

Trained, professional instructors will teach everyone how to do J-turns, 180s, slalom driving and other stops and starts,  followed by a competition. Best of all everyone gets a number of turns at the wheel.

Our programs include:

– Professional Photography

– Engaging Video (Edited)

– Catering

– Awards

Call or email Hans for more information: 416-858-1337,

Download our PDF with all the details