Need an expert behind the wheel?

Wings and Slicks can provide experienced drivers in any setting requiring precision driving skills, such as movie stunts, video shoots or car and tire testing.

Recently we provided drivers for a video shoot, BMW Mini Experiential Commercial, an experiential marketing event with a vintage street car and Mini Cooper. (We drove the Mini and a TTC driver took care of the streetcar!)

Watch the video; its pretty cool. MINI Streetcar video.

Another interesting project this year involved doing tire testing. Tire manufacturers contacted us for testing in controlled environments. Our trained drivers took the cars through a set of maneuvers under specific conditions, and the results were recorded and analyzed.

A charity event we are involved in, The Canadian Cancer Society Fearless Challenge  raises money for cancer through people facing their fears. Your fear may be swimming with sharks, sky diving or stunt driving! We are happy to support this interesting initiative.