I had a fantastic time during my stunt driving event with Wings and Slicks.? Everyone were a treat to work with.? I have recommended to many of my friends already about my time.

Chris Anderson, ON

I had a wonderful time and hope to do it again soon … But next time with a group so we have our own competition as well.? WHAT a BLAST .. I did tell my co-workers about it and they all thought it would be fun to set something up.

Dan Vantyghem, ON


First off, I want to say thank you for this amazing experience. I came across Wings and Slicks by chance while surfing the web looking for a birthday gift for my partner. I take pride in the gifts that I give to my loved ones, and always try to make them as personal as possible. When I saw the WagJag deal for the Stunt Driving course, I was immediately drawn to it and couldn’t pass it up. Being able to give my boyfriend the unforgettable experience of stunt driving his favourite vehicle is extraordinary. When he opened his card and found the ticket inside, his eyes lit up. I don’t think he knew how to react. His brain went into over-drive. He told everyone he knew about it. I knew he would enjoy himself, but I didn’t foresee just how great of a time it would be. He was able to fulfill his dream of driving like a professional in a safe space, which made the both of us happy. We had a small group of about 5 people taking the course on a gorgeous Saturday in April and I don’t think it could have gone any better (unless I had taken the course, too!). I was able to Ride-Along with Shane in the backseat and had a blast. You are providing the public with the chance to move past fears and release their inner daredevils and it’s a beautiful thing. Kudos to Wings an Slicks!!!!!!

Your employees are wonderful. Both myself and my mother-in-law came to watch Shane take the course and we had equally as much fun standing on the side-lines as Shane did driving the course. We would definitely come back in a heartbeat. Your course gave us memories that we will hold on to for our lifetimes. Great customer service, awesome business, and an easy drive to get to. Keep doing what you’re doing and the people will follow. We will definitely recommend Wings and Slicks to all of our friends and acquaintances.

Thanks again for the coolest experience.Hope to see you again soon!

Victoria Pereira, ON

Thomas absolutely had a fantastic day & he said the experience was incredible, he is still excited talking about it, sure it will be all around the school on Monday & he will be telling everyone he meets about his day at Wings and Slicks.

Lisa Higginbotham, ON


Had a great time and trainers were friendly and relaxed.

Carl Berry, ON


We bought this event for our son for his birthday and he had an amazing time! After watching him do this I was thinking I would like to give it a try (and I’m sure my husband was thinking the same thing!)

Laurie Irvine, ON


My son, brother and me all had a great time. Hans is a great, personable guy. I am passing on the experience to all my friends.

Ken Adams, ON


Wings & Slicks 4 hour Stunt Driving Experience is a big fat check mark off of any thrill seeking, adrenalin junkie’s bucket list!

With threshold braking, J turns and 180 degree spins (Rockford maneuver) your adventure is packed with excitement that will most definitely leave you wanting more.

Hans and his team of awesome professionals (special mention to my amazing instructor Marcos Garcia) do not disappoint, they deliver a once (ok maybe twice or even three times since you will be hooked) in a lifetime opportunity to live out your Fast & Furious fantasy in the driver’s seat!

This was worth every single penny spent and I would highly recommend you give it a try. Thank you Wings & Slicks for an amazing time, you guys rock!!

Phil Heaphy
Smiths Falls, ON


Thank you for a great event this Sunday had a wonderful time in the car and really enjoyed the event. I would be happy to pass your event information along to others. I have attached the Go Pro video from the weekend.

Steve Greb


Hans, thank you so much for a great day, the equipment worked great and the track was super! I am surprisingly beat up today a very sore ass, both elbows and shoulders! I thought I was a very smooth operator (clutch, gas, brakes) on my motorcycle and old 318is but the formula car really showed how rough I really am !

Chris Dixon.


Thank you for the wonderful experience and help to make this possible. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed their drive.Will try to do it again another time. – Zabeyon Callender

The experience took my breath away, so much so that I felt exhilarated and exhausted after each of my sessions. Thanks to you and your excellent team, I had an outstanding “Life Experience” in your race cars.

Your team was over the top with customer service. Every team member was friendly, helpful, informative, and very considerate.I certainly appreciated this as this is what I do every day as well for others.It was very nice and rewarding to be on the receiving end of this type of service level for a change.”

Vince Ricci – Owner/ Manager
Speers Flooring – Family owned and operated since 1962


Thank you Hans for a great adrenalin filled day! The Pursuit racing competition was intense and brought the competitor out in all of us! Your team made this experience so much fun, and accessible to all skill levels. Instruction was basic but covered all essentials. After 7 exciting races some how I came out the winner, getting to spray champagne and receiving a $100 gift voucher!

Warm regards,
Michael Hosking
The Salvation Army Scarborough Citadel
Community & Family Services Outreach Worker


Absolutely fantastic experience. Both dry and wet. Great setup, friendly staff and fast cars, I couldn’t have asked for more. – Duncan Kwok.


I was a bit scared until I got the car going… Then the adrenaline kicked in! WOW! I would really love to take these little babies on a real race track! The rain did make the course very slippery and after my first run I had to tone it down a bit. Spinning out was frustrating but I realized it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Also driving two different cars also gave me an appreciation for the Custom builds and now know that each one has a life of its own. My favourite was the Red one.

Michelle Clermont


It’s Jon from the race day in Barrie this past weekend. As some of you are aware, I brought a camera with me and recorded some of the action on the track.
A huge thank you to the crew at Wings and Slicks for a fantastic day…you guys were second to none. An experience I will never forget!
Jon Culford


Just wanted to pass along a big thanks to Hans, Jay and Markus for the stunt car driving day this past Saturday (you remember, the cold and wet one!). Also wanted to say that my instructor, Jay, was fantastic and my sister (Kim) and buddy (Jonathan) all said the same thing: Jay had a way of inspiring confidence in us, is patient and is a natural teacher. Hats off to you guys for a fun day!
-Darcy Peters


I would like to thank you and your team (bar 1) for the wonderful 1/2 day race car driving event at Deerhurst.
You are extremely safety conscious but at the same time want the participants to have a wonderful experience and Brenda did. We have talked to so many people about this. My son Craig would like to do it and was very envious of his mother. I am sorry I did not take advantage of your offer that day for him, but, I did not want to take any of the focus away from Brenda’s day. She had a once in a lifetime thrill and how many 60 year old Grandmothers can say they have driven a race car in front of their Grandchildren!
Thank you again to you and your team for such a well organized event.
-Gary Shaw.